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Are you looking for an alternative to the expensive MS Office applications? If yes then I have good news for you. Didn’t you know that you get the best things for free when you know what they are and where to get them. In this article we will deal with one of the best alternative office suit and that is the Apache Open Office application package. The package includes all the components of the MS Office application. From the word processor to the database component of the package, you can find this in your Open Office software package. By downloading the office suit, you will get all the components of this software package. You no longer have to separately acquire the applications because they can be installed as one single set of applications. In this article we will deal with the different office applications that Open Office has.

The first and most important component is the word processor. Much like the popular MS Word, in this suit we will be able to do much as the same with the MS word. The look and feel of the application can also be compared to that of the Microsoft software. This will make things easier for you as your migrate to using this free application. The next component is the spreadsheet. The design of the application also follows tradition spreadsheet models in which you can create formulas and other calculations to cells in your spreadsheet. You would have to power to organize records and make useful spreadsheet files. As for the last important component of the office suit we have the presentation maker application. By using this application your would be able to create professional looking reports, presentations, and other related designs. Never again will you have a boring overhead display of your reports. The software will make your presentations as dynamic and as vibrant as it can be.

These three commonly used components are present together with the other components databases and email services. You will not look for another alternative when you come to use this application. As always this application set can be downloaded for free in any website that may host this file. It was built to create an opportunity for the public to use quality application without paying for it. Always learn to share what you have known after reading this article so as to widen the reach of your help.

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