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Computer architecture is a subject matter that is not easy to understand with all its complex terminology and concepts especially when you are not a computer savvy. The computer user in general is not really aware what this computer architecture is all about for as long as the computer serves them well whether for personal or official business use. But when we talk about computer applications like Adobe Flash or Flash player, I bet most of you can relate. It all makes sense when it gives you benefits and convenience. Now what does computer architecture has to with computer applications like your favorite Flash Player? Let’s break down and make it simple so you can understand how you can maximize your Flash player to your advantage. You don’t have to be an expert because this article is here to help you understand to keep things simple.


Computer architecture refers to the efficiency of the computer’s central processing unit. It is usually measured in bit which corresponds to the memory capacity of your computer. In the beginning there was 8-bit, then came the 16-bit that doubled the capacity of the computer and was still doubled with the introduction of 32-bit which the common architecture in use in most computers, platforms or operating systems. This was believed to be the ultimate bit there is that works well for small functions. But with the introduction of 64-bit, though with hesitations, it has proven to be better than the old versions as it prove to improve the processing of data, files and the likes. It allows more space for storage and better quality for graphics and the likes. This technology has helped Flash player or Adobe Flash improved a lot better. With the support of 64-bit technology, it simply means accelerated graphics for videos. It means clearer, brighter, and high definition graphics to enjoy your videos better more than ever. This is basically how the development helps you as a computer user especially if you are an avid Flash player user. It is actually not difficult to comprehend. This simple information on computer architecture can definitely help you go along way and make the most of the different computer applications online. So don’t think that you don’t have to know about these things. A tip of the iceberg will already go a long way. Make the most of your computer applications, make the most of your Flash and enjoy your videos all day long.

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