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A word processor is the most popular and commonly used software in the world. Everybody needs to have some kind of word of processor or application to use in there everyday transaction. Applications like Microsoft Word comes as a necessity to us nowadays. We make letters, documents, and other pertinent paper work with this software. It has become a necessity especially in the concept of office works and corporate usage. Businesses works better when they have the tools make things faster and at an efficient rate. It is the best possible solution to come together with requirements of the business world. In this article we deal with software that offers of word processing capabilities but are available for free.

The first software that we will discuss is the free and ready to be downloaded OpenOffice by Apache. This application is the direct competition of Microsoft’s MS Office. This is a package or suit software that allows you to use a word processor, presentations creator, spreadsheet, and database application all in once package. The Open Office application was created to provide the public with a free software that can be at par with the known MS Office. For this reason, many has turned to this free application that can provide you with almost all the functions that are also present in your MS Office. For example in the word processor component of both applications, you will see the similarities in use and feel. This is not to discredit one company to the other. Apache has created such similarities so that people will not find it hard to use both applications if needed. The main difference is that the Apache application is available for free and the other is not. Nothing beats a free application especially now that you know that this software can compete well with the best applications we have today. On the contrary, Microsoft has also created a free application that will has the power of a basic Word processor and that application is called Word Star. This application is the default word processor from any Microsoft Operating System. The software is also available for free. This is to provide the people using the MS operating system a free application with the power to create documents. The difference is that the Word Star is limited when it comes to versatility and usability. It is like having the MS word software with half its processing power.

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