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What is DownloadWiz.com?

DownloadWiz.com is a software download site that uses AirInstaller to manage the entire installation process of your software from start to finish. This page was created to let you know how we are able to give away such great software for free and what information AirInstaller and DownloadWiz collect, why it is collected and how we use it to improve our website and your experience. For further reading please visit our privacy policy or AirInstaller’s privacy policy.

How do we give away software for free?

We are able to offer free software because we are an advertiser supported business.  When you download free software from out site, you will be shown ads from AirInstaller’s advertisers from within the installation process.  These ads allow you to download or receive offers right from the installation.  ALL OFFERS ARE OPT IN AND TOTALLY OPTIONAL.  If you wish to support our company and an offer appeals to you, feel free to accept any offers from our advertisers.  You can decline any and all offers and still receive the software program completely free.

How do I install DownloadWiz.com?

1.    Begin Download from previous page
2.    Click “Run” or “Save File” in Firefox
3.    Click “Run” once more
4.    Easy install directions will now begin.

Our Advertising Program

DownloadWiz.com’s free software installations are advertiser supported. ALL OFFERS ARE OPTIONAL and there is zero obligation to accept. All advertiser’s software and offers is 100% clean, safe and secure and can be removed at anytime by following the directions here.

For more information, you can find out more specifics by going to our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions and if you have any other questions about DownloadWiz or AirInstaller you can Contact Us.