Learning how to use Spreadsheet Suite

With the advent of computers comes a whole new way of managing files, process information, data and make them sense and useful. It has been most especially useful to industry that needs to process tons of data and information. One of the helpful software is the spreadsheet suite. This very special suite helps you make sense of ton of information for whatever purpose it may serve you. It helps you manage that information, organize and present it. In fact, many of our business establishments, academe, private and public entities make use of this software for this purpose. Some spreadsheet suite comes with a price while others are for free. Depending on your purpose of course, you choose the best suite for you. But of course, most people prefer the built-in spreadsheet in their computer or the free one. People and most especially companies won’t be spending much to purchase this software if there is free software available online.


Open Office Calc is one example of a free spreadsheet suite online. It is one of the most downloaded spreadsheet suites because it is free and efficient too. You can download this software from various sources online. There are other spreadsheet suites for free other than this. But in general, to ensure and guarantee that you are downloading a legitimate and a good spreadsheet suite follow these simple tips.


  1. First, check for compatibility issues. Not all software works well with all systems at the same time. There are a few that works with more than one system, but most software will work perfectly fine with only one system. Thus, knowing your OS will help you decide which software will work best for you.
  2. Check for license. Make sure that it has the license to share or single license that can share one at a time. You don’t want to have any problems later on of course.
  3. Check for possible viruses. We can’t avoid it. There are just really those who love to play around, to fool around sharing the very least, viruses, spy ware, mal ware and the likes. So take the necessary precautions. Download from legitimate vendors or sites only.
  4. And lastly, make sure that it is really for free. Don’t just stick your eyes in the word FREE. Read everything and understand. Most of the time, it is not fraud or scam, just an ordinary tricky marketing that you easily fall for.
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