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Yahoo Chat is the all-in-one software for everything and anything about chatting. If you think that you know that you know everything about Yahoo Chat, then let me tell you things that you might not know about. These things are focused on the functionalists that are seldom used because of their complexity or not-your-everyday function.

Let us begin with the concept of integration between your Yahoo chat and email. What you might have not known is that it can use both applications, whether the Yahoo chat or the email application, to get updated with your mails and your chat messages. This makes it very handy for users that do not want to hassle on using two applications with separate functions. This adds to the versatility of the application and its overall use. You do not need to switch to different applications to get what you want.

Another thing you can consider that you might have not known is the video conferencing. This option allows you chat to multiple users. Not only do you get to chat with your friends and other users, you can also use video chat for this feature. This makes it more interactive for you and your friends to get in touch when you can converse with them at one time.

In addition to video conferencing, you can use this feature to share files and media to your friends. You can exchange media and even watch them all at once. It is like watching from a movie house with you and your friends talking about the movie. This feature makes it more fun for you and your friends in your get together using this software. You will have a complete experience with the people that you love. You can share things that you have with a simple drag and drop operation. Sharing is also done with just one operation and you do not have to do it repeatedly. It always helps to have this option for convenience and efficiency.

As a conclusion, Yahoo chat will be the software that provides you with the best solution to your needs in chatting, media sharing, and conferencing. You can get this software for free and its updates as well. The only thing you will pay is the SMS messages that you send through this software. If you want to more know about this software, you can browse this website for more relative articles.

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