Understanding the PDF Reader

In our line of work as Netizens or as IT professionals, we are bombarded with ideas that sometimes confuses us. In relation to this, PDF reader as what the title or name suggests is that this is only a reader and nothing more. It is not an editor, a creator or maker, it is just a reader. The software is used to read PDF formatted documents. In the same concept you can use word processor applications like Open Office to view such files but would result in a much different view of the file. The conventional PDF reader that we have today is the Adobe Acrobat PDF reader which is available for free. Though this is maintained by Adobe Inc which is notorious for handing out great but paid applications like Photoshop and After Effects., this application is given to the public for free. Much like the flash player that is available for free, this application can be downloaded through the official adobe website for free.

The application works like any viewing software that allow you to scroll through the pages of the PDF file and knowing that it would be able to do what it is supposed to do. A PDF document is known to be the standard format when it comes to internet documents. This is because of the ability of the file format to have a TRUE copy of the original file. You would be able to keep all the formatting and designs that you have done in the document and then use the PDF format to keep it that way. No matter what application you will use to view the file it would still have the same look and feel. It is more like a preservation of the things that you have done in the file and then allow other to have it without any known compatibility issues. This is very important when it comes to legal papers that are shared on the web. Most document formats encounter certain changes during transport on the web but for PDF files this does not happen. The concept of what you see is what you get is applied for this type of file. Having a good PDF reader will make it easy for you and things will be better in terms of reading the actual file rather than using a different application for this. Besides the application is available for free.

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