Unzipping and Winrar; Perfect Couple


Winrar has been one of the best software to compress and uncompress our files. It allows us to save on precious disc space in our hardrive. The process of compression starts with the actual files that want to reduce in file size. Most files can be compressed but some types offer more compression and this will in turn offer more space to be saved.

The compression ratio is often related to the disc spaced saved by the compressed file compared to the original file. This means that a greater ratio would result in greater disc space saved.  Furthermore, the bigger the file you are going to compress the bigger the space that you will be able to save. Compression is just one of the many things that Winrar can do for you. It can also provide you with options regarding your compressed files. You can password protect your files which makes it very secure and you will have control on who can access your files. The password option of Winrar is part of the option when compressing your file. You will have the power to create your own password and to which files they are only applicable. This option gives you the security that you want when trying to share your files on the web. Those that have the password will the only users to be able to unzip the file. Speaking of unzip, Winrar also has this capability. This is the process of unloading all your compressed files to make up its original file where it came from. In other words, it is just the reverse of the compression process. Not only does it unzip files compressed from its software, it can also do the same process on different compression software. You will no longer need to have separate software to unzip different compressed files. This in turn saves you a lot of money in procuring software for this purpose.

In finality if you are looking for all-in-one software that can compress and uncompress your files, then this software will more than enough for that purpose. People will be able to use this software for many purposes not only for saving space in your computer. It can also be use to secure your files with an extra level of protection when you compress it with a password. This is just few of the reasons to have Winrar as your unzipping software.

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